Guest post: Broken yet Beautiful, by SATAPARNA MUKHERJEE

Today I’m sharing a Guest Post by Sataparna, also founder of the Urban Millennial.

I wanted to escape to the mountains to look out for serenity and peace. As we all feel somewhere that being flawless is beautiful.

The only question that was running on the back of my mind was how is the moon this pretty, flaunting it’s scars? The nomadic journey of finding peace is a common journey these days for sure. Let me say to you all, this journey is more interesting than the destination itself.

I packed my bags and left for the journey, the journey to reach the mountains and spent a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This was my first escape without motive of doing any work. This journey had a very significant role in this context. When I started my journey for the trek, I was pumped up, happy, and excited. I still remember it somewhere resonated with the happiness I had when I chose writing over all other passions, or the time when I aimed to be an entrepreneur, going against everyone around me as they wanted me to go for a job.

Soon I was rustling down the steep slopes, there were muscle cramps and the same journey which was pleasant in nature turned monotonous and weary. Exactly the way, following passion everyday and making a mark did to me.

Then I progressed a bit more, there was a waterfall, underneath a bridge ,which I needed to cross to reach my destination. The crystal clear water, the gushing race of the winds, the bridge made out of living roots of a tree; everything made me feel that I am reaching towards my final destination.

Now that’s a feeling. A feeling of peace, triumph and bliss. The same feeling we all get, while moving forward a bit in our journey towards our goal.

This trip wasn’t a trip, but a cycle of realizations. This is the time, when I realized, why do doctors suggest to you to go out for fresh air? Or why does the poet in a human get triggered by nature?

Or why people fall in love with nature?

I was tired, my legs were stiff and sore, like my unconditional lover kept on taking care of me.

The slopes turned steeper, I was losing my control, I didn’t know that it was going to be this hard. The guide started telling me stories of what the actual peak of the mountain looked like.

I started walking again, with a smile this time. Whenever we bear a loss or whenever any partnership breaks; whenever I feel that way, is this journey even worth the pain?

It is the peak of my aim that shows me a light and calls me aloud, that how important this is!

Then finally I reached the view, and it was indeed worth the effort! There was a waterfall kissing the river bed. Birds chirping all around. Water gushing all over as if playing with you. A few steps more and there you are at the peak of the mountain.

The celebration of victory was well defined by the nature. I wanted time to stand still. I wanted everything to freeze there. I could gaze, in amazement, at the majestic beauty and the feeling all over.

But, every good thing does end, right?

I have to head back to the starting point now! And it was up hill now, the hardest part!

When we are at the peak of success; that’s not where we end, that’s where a new journey starts. Every full stop starts a new sentence.
Managing, balancing and maintaining the success is yet another journey. Such a beautiful journey. Life is full of journeys, journeys which won’t end till we end. Let’s fight our own demons, hurdles and problems with a smile, and trust me, cherishing each foot step is actual victory.

The mountains aren’t perfect, they have flaws; somewhere they are uneven, somewhere they are broken, somewhere they are even bewildered.

Still they flaunt their beauty, without a pinch of doubt.

I was reaching the starting point with all my realizations. Happy and fulfilled!

Partnership conflicts did end my first business on a rough note, but when I started all over again, I started from experience. I started it beautifully! I started it by concealing all the flaws and contouring as best as I could.

This journey was a tale where I wanted to run away from the truths around. As they say, “It’s all in the mind”. I, too, had in mind that I don’t want to start over again. Will I be at zero when I start over again? Are my aims worth of it?

This trip ended with all these conclusions. Success is a choice. Success is consistency. Success is a journey. The destination is just a myth. Nothing can be more beautiful than something that’s broken.

Always remember how sculptures are made!

Photo Credit: is to me, Miranda Ortiz


An avid writer, love giving experiences a touch of my words. I own a digital marketing company based in India called The Urban Millennial and a platform for voices of women and women empowerment called Her Voice. Passionate entrepreneur, who is in unconditional love with words!

Website for Sataparna can be found here.

“Missing You” Poem: Written by Me

So today, I’m sharing poetry that I’ve written to express my emotions from this past week. This week has included a vast array of emotions, and I’ve really been struggling with life. On a positive note, I think the new meds are working. Praise baby Jesus for that. I’ve noticed Im getting more sleep, which has truly helped me process everything.

My mind and body have been through the ringer this year. Its really been a rollercoaster! I’m so ready to start next year, with a new and clean slate. I want nothing more than to make next year my best year yet!

So about my writing, I’ve found writing poetry helps me put my emotions out of my mind and onto paper. Well, not really on paper. But out of my mind, none the less…I write about any and everything, and often times my poems are 8 words which is really fun and difficult at the same time.

Anywho, here’s a pretty sunrise pic from last week and my poem…

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About My Absence: Life’s Battles are Never-Ending

So this week, this month, and this year have all been really difficult. So sorry for my absence, and I’ve just realized how long its really been……Mental illness issues, they are still here, they’re truly off the charts right now; med changes galore later, a few surgeries, a couple moves, lifestyle changes, household size changes, and plus a car getting repo’ed today….I feel the need to write about my life, so it’s here and somewhere it might make a difference.

Does It Ever End?

Nope, and so is the life of a mentally ill person…. My life, it’s just that! It’s my life, and even through all the ups and downs I can’t imagine the things happening to me are much different from things happening to many others in the world! Of course, mental illnesses do add a certain set of extra trials. But it’s all in how you deal with it. You can be mad, upset, frustrated! But you must realize, at some point you gotta start picking up the pieces and figure out how to move forward. I’ve taken a break to do just that!

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Day 1 of 365: Outside My Window

Happy New Year! It’s the end of the first day of 2018. Its frigid cold, but its only half dark with the full Moon and all its bright light! We had a light dusting of snow that caused sheer madness for a bit yesterday. The roads got extremely bad rather quickly, but thankfully it’s all gone now.

Today it has been bitter cold out, our high not rising above 30 degrees with the low in the teens. I don’t mind the cold, if there’s snow, but all this frigid cold weather and no snow makes for long days. Our time outside has been minimal, the dog doesn’t even waste any time doing his business.

I can honestly say….I’d love to be on a beach, somewhere where its sunny and 75. But that aint happening!

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Christmas Eve 2017

Here we are, its the day before Christmas and I couldnt be more excited. I know I wont get any sleep tonight, but tomorrow morning will be worth it. I cant wait to see their faces!

I think as the kids get older, and their gifts get more expensive for us. I think we are going to transition away from actual gifts. I want them to have more life experiences. Small vacations and trips so they can see new things, or visiting and helping those less fortunate. We will be buying them 4 gifts and thats it. They each will get these gifts: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. And all the money we dont spend on gifts will go towards our adventure.

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Seeing Stars and Camouflage

As I sit here looking at our Christmas tree, I am seeing stars(tree topper). I wonder how I can make my 2018 better. I am not saying this year was horrible, but there are just certain areas Id love to improve for all of us. I have to admit, through all the obstacles this year…we made out better in the long run than from where we started!

Had a Drs appt yesterday, meds changed again. But this time, they gave me what I think will work the best. Feeling pretty decent today, a lil tired though. Now that I know what to expect, things are looking up. I still have a couple things to deal with. Things Im not particularly looking forward to dealing with.

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My Top Eight Guilty Pleasures

So I had a good day yesterday. Wanted to do something different today. So here goes, my top eight guilty Pleasures! These things often give a tiny twinge of guilt on those rare occurences I have time to accomplish them.

1.) Getting Enough Sleep- Sleeping is hard to come by often in my world. I sometimes go days without sleep, other times I sleep almost all day. I miss it, but I just don’t worry over it anymore. I do get sleep, in short spurts. Hour here or there! Sleeping medicines help, but make me feel terrible the next day. Exercise has made me tired, but not until like 5 or 6am. So sleeping in is a huge blessing for me.

2.) Chocolate- Chocolate is number two, simply because what girl wants to live her life chocolate free! I absolutely love chocolate! I have had a bag of caramel Hershey Kisses hidden from the fiance and kids for a month now. It’s shows its affection in return by slightly fluctuating my weight.

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Holiday Fun

Today has been awesome! We had Christmas at my moms today, it was a very wonderful day. The boys are playing peacefully, which is a country miracle. They having a wonderful time with their new toys. This next week is full of holiday fun.

In other news, I am a little uncertain what to do at my next drs appointment on Thursday. I feel like the side effects are becoming too bad, but Im afraid to change my medicine around this time of year. January and February are harder than normal for me. And I dont need a med change added into the mix.

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2018: A 365 Day Challenge

There is a writing prompt for every day of the year, sounds like a challenge for sure. Some days may get switched around, but just gonna use this as a rough guide. So, here I am making my New Years Resolution…I’m going to work on my writing more consistently. I found an awesome website, 365 Creative Writing Prompts. Cross your fingers for me. LOL

I’ve had a decent day. Didn’t accomplish much but I am glad I was “lazy” today! It felt great, its been a Christmas movie watching kind-a day. I am excited about Christmas!

7 days til Christmas

Are you ready?


Overwhelmed and Defeated

So I had a horrible day! Getting it from every direction today…

Why does the littlest thing push me to my breaking point? I refuse to be a stepping stone, crutch, or anything else of the sort. But, here I sit feeling overwhelmed and defeated. I am unsure what I did to deserve this. 

Yet, I knew it would come to this. I feel no matter what I do, nothing is right! And, slowly but surely its gonna make me snap. I hate these kind of feelings! Nothing I say or do will effect me positively…so for now, Im giving up! 

No matter what you do, you will no longer control me. You lost that priviledge years ago. But, know you’re causing hurt that might not be repairable! On more than one account too, but you dont care. Its always about you, you were never the one to see things outside of the box.
Hoping todays events will fade into the night peacefully! Tomorrow is a new day.

Good night all…