Lighting Up My Life

My kids are my whole world. They are my reason to fight my illness and for my life. They show me love when I need it the most, they understand mommy has good days and bad days. I am not perfect, we all have our demons. I choose to fight mine for my kids. I never knew how much love I could have for such a tiny being. Unconditional love, that is putting someone else before yourself. No matter the cost.

They give me the sweetest gifts all the time. Rocks, I love rocks! I have one from each child that I carry with me everywhere I go. These rocks, to me, are just as precious as any gift I could ever receive. I am a nature person. It gives me a sense of well being to be in nature. I don’t care how many they give me, I cherish them all and some are in bowls in my dresser. These kids light up my life like you wouldn’t believe!

Kids have a way of bringing you to the brink of insanity. Then snapping you right back with a well timed hug or kiss. Living life to the fullest, that is what I call it. I believe everyone has their own level of crazy. Some cope better than others. Living life is fun yet crazy.
My motto in life is to live every day like its your last. You never know what can happen.

The single most important thing I can do in my life is love my children unconditionally. They way society is becoming, I want my kids to know that I am always going to be their safe space. I want them to know that no matter what happens, I will love them through it. Everyone has things in life that bring them down. I have many things myself that will set me off and try to bring me down.

Life is good at knocking you down a notch. With every breath there is a possibility for change. Change can sometimes be a bad thing or a good thing. Routines are hard for us, but we thrive on them. Who doesn’t, right? Change for me is extreme uncertainty. I would rather have a routine with a bit of spontaneity mixed in. See, because of my mental illness, I crave spontaneity sometimes also. Occasionally this is an okay thing, other times not so much. I have been known to get myself into trouble because of this.

Its one of those open mouth, insert foot kinda things……



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