My Medications Saved Me!

Some people believe that people with a mental illness are self-centered, ungrateful, making it up as well as many other things. They say, oh you’re on medications for depression/bipolar/BPD. Well suck it up, its not that bad. You don’t need those pills to get you through the day. Little do they know, it may have taken a great deal of energy and motivation for that person to even get out of bed. I have many days like this. It can be so destructive to a mentally ill person to hear some of these things. They can sometimes feel like they aren’t worth the thoughts, time, or effort.

The criticism of the mentally ill has been an ongoing thing as of late. With things being shown via multiple media outlets, you’d be surprised how some people with mental illness can look like average Joe’s. You’d also be surprised how many people hide behind the cloak of  a mental illness just to cover their tracks. Well I am just an average person, yes my attitude comes out occasionally. Yes, I have outbursts of anger sometimes. Yes, I seclude myself from people I care about. Yes, this can be very trying and difficult to handle periodically. Some of us are actually good people.

Thanks goodness for my medications! They make me a more tolerable person to deal with. I can be very hard to handle without them. These medications can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. You know what I think, we should have something better than ObamaCare. Its called free healthcare for the everyone who needs it! Not just the lower class. These medications can save so many people. Save people the hurt of losing someone to suicide. Save people by allowing them access to these much needed medications. Think about how many people can be saved just by allowing access to free healthcare and medications.

Think of all the murderers, rapists, and the like who could be spared had they been allowed the opportunity to receive treatment. Think back through the past few years, how many lives could have been saved? Lives lost at the hand of a mentally ill person unable to receive treatment or much needed medications! Now yes if they commit a crime, I believe they should be held accountable. There are many of these crimes that can be prevented though…

This vicious cycle has to end. Stop the negative stigma associated with the mentally ill. Trying helping them instead of driving them away. These people want nothing more than to just live a normal life. They don’t want to be made fun of or mocked. Consider this, someone who has no control over how they think, act, or feel is very vulnerable. Please take a moment and think about those who are struggling to survive because of their mental illness.

Mental illnesses are not made up, they are an actual condition! Just like you get an antibiotic for an infection, a mentally ill person needs their meds daily. They also should not have to worry about where the money is coming from to pay for these medications. My meds cost a pretty penny every month, like hundreds of dollars. It is not unheard of for some medications to cost nearly $1000. To me, this is ridiculous and unacceptable.

And in closing, for those of you who use the term bipolar. Like, “Oh my, the weather is so bipolar today!” This can be misconstrued and may be hurtful to some who are actually bipolar. Please Stop! This is not helpful for anyone. Thanks!


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