Tired but Not Sleepy

Ever been so tired you feel like you could sleep for days? Well I’m still exhausted from my 3 days stint of no sleep. Unfortunately, I’m not sleepy tonight. This means if I lay down, I won’t be able to sleep. Sleeping medicine may not even be able to help. I get so frustrated and grumpy without sleep.

This is another downside for us. The sleep issues can be hard to deal with. I’m not one to stay awake that long but sometimes it’s just unstoppable. It is more of a thing to me now that I have kids. I’ve had sleep issues for as long as I can remember though. My mom used to wonder how I could go for days without sleep. Well, now it all makes perfect sense.

Here’s some information on sleep issues and its connection to mental health problems, it’s from NAMI website.

I’m don’t usually have sleep issues but when they come, it is bad. Sometimes it has been known to last a week or two, sometimes only a few days. I love the mania! Not! I do get alot taken care of but it is not fun to be so up that you literally can’t think straight. Others do actually enjoy the mania. The emotions and thoughts run through my head like a freight train. Some things I remember, especially if I’m clear headed enough to make a list, and some I don’t when the mania ends.

Mania is no joke! It can totally break you down.


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