Life with a Mental Illness

Most people believe that if you have a mental illness that you are some how incapable of living a normal life. I believe this is part of the stigma associated with mental illness. That’s not to say that there are not bad days, sometimes very bad days.

Life is full of struggles, people with mental illnesses just want to be accepted and acknowledged. There are many illnesses people battle without you even realizing they have a mental illness. Here’s some mental illness statistics from the NAMI(National Alliance of Mental Illness) website.

NAMI Mental Health Statistic

Life with a mental illness is a daily struggle. Its wanting and hoping to feel somewhat normal. Then you find yourself in a deep depression, or you find yourself in my current situation. I’ve slept 3 hours in the past 48 hours. Hard, yes! Does it stink, yes! But this is my life and I refuse to allow my mental illness to steal my life from me.

I get up everyday and live life to the fullest. I am grateful that I am given another day to love & live with my children. There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on their face when they wake up and see me. This is what keeps me going everyday.


2 thoughts on “Life with a Mental Illness

    1. I love fighting! Lol. Just kidding. But you’re rightn the stigma will always be there. I want nothing more than to decrease the negative reflection the public has on people with mental illness. All of us aren’t bad!


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