Insomnia and Why it Bites!!

So here we go with not sleeping again. It 5 am, and I have to be at work in 4 hours. I’ve been up since 7 am  yesterday. So going on 24 hours already and I still have the whole day today ahead of me. I have no clue why I go through these spells of getting no sleep. It is most bothersome though, for me anyways! I will be useless by 8 pm tonight, which is hopefully going to be my bedtime….

Any-who, my insomnia is becoming a more frequent thing in the past year or so. I will be up for a day or two straight and then I will crash for a night. Then, all will be well again for some time before the insomnia comes again. I wished I knew when the insomnia is coming but alas I don’t. I wished I could plan these no sleep days around my days off….but nope! No such luck. I can only hope that my day today at work is not going to be a long one.

This is the first time in a long time that I am going to have to function with no sleep. I have just recently gone back to work full-time, so this should be a fun and yet challenging day. I love a good challenge though! It’s just enough to keep me on my toes. Makes me remember that sleep is precious, and worth its weight in gold.

I know this too shall pass. But in this moment I am stressing over how to get through the day.

Insomnia bites because you never know when it will rear its ugly head. It is such a random, spontaneous occurrence for me that I feel like I’ve been hit by a train.  Just like you never know if and when you will get into a car accident. It could happen frequently or infrequently, there is just no warning. Like, I swear that I could sleep but when I lay down my brain goes haywire. 9 billion random things start running through my head and I can not, for anything, get them to stop. This makes sleeping out of the question.

Here’s some info from The National Sleep Foundation on insomnia.

Living and coping with insomnia can be debilitating. Especially when it occurs frequently or lasts for days on end. Please take care of yourself. The house can be cleaned tomorrow. The laundry will still be there to fold, tomorrow. Getting a good nights rest is more important than continually running yourself on empty. Or worse, running yourself ragged and that can cause health issues. Also remember to be gentle with yourself. It is okay if you forget something. It is okay if you need a few extra minutes to gather your thoughts. Take care of you! Remember, this too shall pass.

Try to learn new ways to induce sleep. Set a sleep schedule, and follow it. I, even though I forgot it at the old house when we moved, use Lavender oil in a diffuser when I go to bed. It is a calming scent for me, and helps induce sleep. I will assuredly be going to get it for tonight though. I also do not have a clock in my bedroom that is visible at night, so that way I am not tempted to stare at the clock.  I occasionally take my sleeping medicines, but it is hard when I have no idea the insomnia is coming. By the time I realize it, it’s too late to take them. Try as many different things as possible until you find what works for you. Find what works best for you and run with it. Even if that means speaking to your doctor.

Here’s some info from The National Sleep Foundation on what to do when you can’t sleep.

If you have ever suffered with insomnia, you have my deepest sympathies!

So, what are some of your tips and tricks that induce sleep? Please let me know in the comments.







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