Finding Support When You Feel All Alone

I know this is one of the main things I struggle with, I have like literally no friends & very little family that are around to help me cope with the trials and tribulations of this thing we call life….So how do you find support when you feel all alone?

Well, to be honest, I go to Facebook and browse around there for a bit. See if any of my online friends can chat for a second; that usually helps me to not feel so alone. But I have also been known to make a random trip to the coffee shop or quilt shop just for some casual conversation.

I have also been known to crawl into my bed and just be alone for a bit. Sometimes alone time is a good thing, everyone needs 5 minutes to themselves sometimes. Sometimes that is exactly what I need too.

I’ve also been known to crawl into a hot shower and stay there for 30 minutes. It is a time to reflect on why I feel the way I do and how to overcome it.

But at what point is it too much alone time??

Here are some tips from on ways to combat loneliness and isolation:

  • Get busy

  • Know you’re not alone

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Explore your interests

  • Enjoy your own company

  • Try not to worry


I know some of those things are easier said than done when you are feeling low and all alone. No one knows better than me what it feels like to be isolated from the outside world. I spent so long being sheltered in my teenage years, that is part of the why I have social anxiety.  I was never in a circle of friends, I went to school and came home. Rarely ever going anywhere but to the Doctors. Another reason why I think I am okay with it being just me and my immediate family.

You have to want to make social connections, I try regularly but I am afraid because of my social awkwardness that I fail miserably in that department…

So how do you cope and/or find support when feeling alone?


2 thoughts on “Finding Support When You Feel All Alone

    1. I quilt when I’m feeling alone. It takes my mind off of everything, but I have also cut my fingertip twice quilting when I shouldn’t have been. Lol. I’m glad you stopped by, thanks for reading and commenting!

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