The Best Movies to Watch if You’re Interested in Mental Illness

So today I am going to share some movies that have characters with mental illnesses, or are based on a mental illness story…

Some of these movies really hit home for me.


  • A Beautiful Mind

This one is based on a true story about a mathematical genius, played by Russel Crowe, who is schizophrenic. The movies shows the paranoia and delusional sides of schizophrenia and how it affects daily life.

  • Silver Linings Playbook

This movie is about  who has spent time in a mental hospital. He eventually move sin with his parents, after the symptoms of Bipolar disorder cause his wife and kids leave.

  • As Good As It Gets

This movie is about a man who lives with OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Jack Nicholson is a novelist who is anti-social, and later in the movie learns to overcome his OCD.

  • Benny & Joon

This movie is about a brother and sister who lost their parents, and the sister is schizophrenic. One of my favorite movies about mental illnesses…

  • Rain Man(1988)

This movie tells a story about a man with Autism and the trails and tribulations associated with it…


So these are just a few of several movies that have a character with some form of mental illness intertwined into them. These movies show how hard it can be to be a functioning member of society while coping with mental illnesses. Some of these movies are pretty spot on, at least the ones I can relate with…

Wanna learn first hand what its like to live with a mental illness, watch one of these movies. It is not made up, it is all in our head yet we have no control over it…It is not something you can just wish away, it does not go away on its own. The only treatment is therapy and medications, and hopefully those treatments are successful. Each person has a different form of their illness, so each persons treatment will be different.

Keep on keeping on!!




2 thoughts on “The Best Movies to Watch if You’re Interested in Mental Illness

    1. Several of those are some of my all-time favorite movies! I could watch Benny & Joon for days and still not get tired of it. Hope you enjoy the movies! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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