Do You Eat Too Quickly?

In short, yes I do….

I have kids, someone is always asking for something during dinner, and I feel I have to eat quickly to accommodate everyone else’s needs. Yes, I am aware that it isn’t the healthiest thing I could be doing. But it is usually a struggle to even eat my food lukewarm if I don’t eat quickly. So it is unusual if I’m not the first one finished.

Dinner is hard in our house, I am the only one here in the evening. Fiance works nights, and that makes taking care of 2 kiddos while trying to cook dinner an extreme struggle. How I battle the children while cooking is a chore all by its self. The youngest is a bouncing, vibrant and destructive tiny terror if I don’t have eyes on him 24/7. Pouring out everything from shampoo to body soap to unrolling the toilet paper and everything in between. Gotta love the troublesome 3’s, and they are no where even remotely better than the terrible 2’s…

Eating quickly also comes from being in a state run children’s home, if you didn’t eat fast enough there was no chance at getting 2nd’s. So it has just been a bad habit that has carried over into adulthood.

So do you eat too quickly?

Any particular reason?



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