No Sleep Equals No Motivation

So the night was short and the day is going to be long…
I am exhausted! But I have sooo much to do still. Where does the time go? I had all intentions on packing last night and got distracted by a quilt. Hahahaha, I needed slow-down time. I was getting overwhelmed and that does nothing but lead me into a mass hysteria. So I decided to stop and quilt for a bit, we’ll a bit turned into sunrise. Then the kids were  waking up, now I have all this vacation stuff to do. And I’m feeling all alone! 

I need to be cleaning, and packing; yet have no energy whatsoever! I can see the future, hopefully a nap is coming…

This is how the cookie crumbles soemtimes, as you can see here I sit writing when I should be doing so many other things. Hoping this will clear my head some. Mental illnesses are no joke! Bam just like that my day has been shot to the Netherlands, and whats even worse is its unlikely to return today!  But who knows…I have high hopes that the toddler will cooperate with my idea of a nap. If I can just sleep for an hour; today may just be salvageable! 

Just because life throws you a curveball doesn’t mean you have to let it hit you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! I am determined to get all this done, so off I go…Either to sleep or make coffee, that has yet to be determined. Guess the toddler will be deciding that! 

Peace, love, and light to you all!


4 thoughts on “No Sleep Equals No Motivation

  1. My toddler decides a lot of stuff we do on a day to day basis. I think being able to get some sleep will provide you with the energy you need. I write on a lot about motivation and self improvement and give tips on how to save time and productivity – maybe I have something that will help you. Sleep is so important so make sure you are getting lots of rest and naps in between when possible (or when the toddler will allow) đŸ™‚


    1. Thank you for sharing your site, I will be checking it out. Luckily he still naps, okay only occasionally lol, so I do get rest when he does. It has been such a crazy couple of weeks, but things are slowly settling down. We are getting back into our routine, and things are going great! Thanks for reading! đŸ™‚


  2. Even with a toddler, moms need to rest too. But it is really hard to get some sleep sometimes because instead of sleeping while the toddler is asleep, we would do house chores instead.


    1. I totally agree. It is key to find a happy medium, I do try to sleep when he does. Sometimes it is harder than others, especially when I feel overwhelmed. But chores do occasionally get in the way. Thanks for reading!


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