Meds: Are They for You?


I am a med-taker! I am totally not a functioning member of society if Im not on them…There’s a medication that can help you, I promise! It’s just a struggle finding the right combination of meds. Took me two years to find my perfect  combo. This is not to say that you will have the same struggle. My point is, you don’t know until you’ve tried every one! Which would take a long time….lol

The problem lies in that most people, not all obviously, can’t or don’t want to spend the enerygy, time and years it soemtimes takes to find the perfect combo…Mental illness make should think you don’t need them. I’ve totally been there, spent years thinking I didn’t need them. Eventually being off meds, I tried to self-medicate with alcohol. Which lead to an even bigger problem, alcoholism! I’ve been sober 3 years now. Biggest feat I’ve undertaken in my entire life! And I’ve had a child without meds or an epidural! 

I can’t tell you what a difference taking my meds as prescribed has done for me; mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’ve been known, unmedicated, to sleep for days. I’ve also been known to stay up for days/weeks unmedicated. I still have insomnia often, but I do play catch-up afterwards…Within reason, obviously I don’t have that opportunity everyday, but I do get a few days a week to sleep. 

Did I mention I get extremely cranky when I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep, beauty rest is much needed for me?!?!  I try to be a hermit when that happens, but it is inevitable that things don’t go as they should. I have meltdowns when tired. Like, not minor ones either. I go through periods of time where my anxiety is high, you can tell when my anxiety is up! I always get red splotches on my chest when I’m near my limit…

So back to my original question. Are meds for you? There’s no way of knowing. Do you notice a difference medicated and unmedicated? I do, utterly and completely! So do others that I’m close with. But it takes an extreme amount of patience and perseverance to survive the time it takes to find your wonder drugs! I barely made it, if not for those select few that I rely on….They helped me through some of my darkest days!

I am glad that I have the option to take my meds daily! Don’t get me wrong, I love the medicated me! But I do realize that this just isn’t possible for everyone. My greatest wish is that one day this will not be an issue….

Best of luck to you in your endeavors! 

Don’t let the illness win!


4 thoughts on “Meds: Are They for You?

  1. I am not sure if taking medications is good for me. I do not have some special health issues, so I don’t take them often, but when it happens that I have a headache, toothache, or stomachache, I simply need to take a pill. Once I take it, everything is better, I feel healthy. I suppose it is placebo. However, I hope I wouldn’t need them much in my life.


    1. I understand, some people need meds and some don’t. Just keep in touch with your doctor and let them know exactly how you feel. I can say that most pills don’t work on an as needed basis. Even anxiety pills are to be taken regularly. I take ,you anxiety meds 3x daily. Yes, it stinks. And sometimes, I forget. But it’s what keeps me from going completely insane. Thanks for reading and commenting!


    1. I am the same way! Sometimes I so want to not take them, but I have to keep telling myself that they do help. So I continue taking them for the fear of knowing what happens when I don’t take them, but I do feel like a walking talking pharmacy constantly! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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