Friday Poetry: Guest Post, by Ruman Hafsa

Today’s Friday Poetry is brought to you by Ruman Hafsa.

Ruman Hafsa is a 20 year old student, studying Pharmacy. She is currently in his 3rd year! Ruman lives in India. Her motto is, “A rhythm of poetry is not just the rhyming of words, but the inner voice of poet’s heart.”

Here is her poem his titled I wonder.

I Wonder…

I wonder what these clouds are
A veil or an illusion
Concealing away the blinking stars
Fading away the moon & sun

I wonder where the birds fly to
And where do they come from
Soaring together
I wonder what do they hum

I wonder what the lightening is
Welding the broken sky somewhere?
And what is the thunderous noise I hark
Dacoits firing guns in some affair?

I wonder who painted the sky blue
And who puts the rainbow there
Where the sun sleeps at night
And who blows the vibrant air

I wonder these things & many more
But do not have innuendo to
I ask them about it, they say “don’t know”
I don’t fathom how to solve without a clue…

© by Ruman Hafsa

So I’d like to take a minute and thank Ruman for her poem. For me, it is very moving! I truly do appreciate her letting me use it.

Follow her on Google Plus account here, Ruman Hafsa, click on her name. Visit her there for more of her awesome poems.

So what do you think? Like it? Love it? Or dislike it?


37 thoughts on “Friday Poetry: Guest Post, by Ruman Hafsa

    1. She does amazing work, hoping she will share some more of her work with me so I can share with yall…I’m so glad dyou enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and commenting!


    1. I do too! She is talented for her age, that’s for sure. I wished I had half her talent. I’d love to write poetry but I just don’t have the knack for it…. Thanks for reading and commenting!


    2. She has some other amazing work posted on her Google +. Stop by there for some more of her other work…I love the imagery also, thanks for reading and commenting!


    1. Thanks, it is an amazing insight for me! There are so many more things that we fail to notice….things as simple as the passing clouds, sounds of thunder, and and so many others. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, my toddler is in the “Why?” stage…..everything is why? The answers are usually never easy, but the reality is that they just want you to talk to them!! It’s hard, I will admit that. But I try to carry out full on conversations with all my kids. We don’t do simple or easy here, we homeschool so every question is usually answered via a Google search and other forms of research. They learn throug doing, not just by telling them some basic generic answer….Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I especially like thunderstorms, as long as I’m inside though. Cause it’s scary to be stuck outside in a thunderstorm, but back to what I was saying….the sounds of thunder amaze me. It’s so loud and overpowering! Reminds me that there are bigger things out there…I also enjoy the night sky. Kids are so inquisitive! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. This poem tells us that the wonders of God are beyond our understanding. A lot of mysterious things that even the great scientist can’t answer. It also reminds us that there is no one powerful than the living God. Lovely poem, very inspiring.

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