End of Winter, Spring Brings New Beginnings

So today is the last day of Winter, so out with the old and in with the new. I have decided that I will be running my first 5k this fall. So here it is almost springtime and I can’t wait to get outisde. I’ve been going to the gym for about a month now, well except for while we were on vacation. I am ready to start running, or so I think anyways….

So I can’t wait for the weather to make up its flipping mind. 

I can’t wait to start pushing myself more and more until I can actually run 1 mile without feeling like I am going to faint. We have a beautiful Greenway running beside the river through town, and I can’t wait to start running there. It is paved and well lit, though I doubt seriously that I will be doing any running outisde that late at night. 

I am ready to do this 5k, I know I won’t be the fastest. I just want to finish! It isn’t a medal winning 5k, and there will be plenty of people walking. So if I can’t run the whole way, no biggie. This was one of my bucket list items! I am making several life change so I can get to that moment. 

My kids think that since we were swimming last week, that they should be able to swim here…So they are ready for the weather to start changing too.  I’m ready for our weekly adventure to resume. It’s like our family time during the summer. The fiance works crazy hours from May to October, so we take 1 of his days off an go on a day long adventure. 

I’m ready for bonfires & barbeques….Patiently waiting for July 4th! That’s my favorite holiday, I love fireworks! Easter Sunday isn’t far away, that’s a favorite for the kids. The kids are another year older. My how the time flys!  I ready for camping trips! And fishing… 

So what do you have planned for the summer? 

What are your ready for?


4 thoughts on “End of Winter, Spring Brings New Beginnings

  1. For the past three years, we have rented a condo in Myrtle Beach in May. We hope to do that again this year but bringing the granddaughters along so they can see the ocean! Also, getting the gardens going and just sitting on the porch enjoying the summer weather. I like to walk and want to do more if that when the weather gets warmer. One day at a time is the only way to enjoy life. Can’t change the past or future but can enjoy today!! Take care!


    1. I agree completely. I try to live in the moment, but often my past creeps up on me. I try not to let it control me but sometimes it’s hard. We use to live in Charleston, love SC! I live in the minute of the most part. Plans change, moods change, and only one car; it’s hard to do much of anything unless it’s on short notice..


  2. I like the idea of your family adventures. I try to take my kids places as often as possible. I love getting to see them having fun and being carefree. It’s great to experience life from their perspective!


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