Quilting: Is It Therapy

So I feel everyone who is mentally ill should find a great therapist. Therapy is a great way and place to talk through what bothers you in your life. I have a great therapist! We have great conversations, and he is very motivating.

But sometimes, you just need something you occupy your time. Sometime time to yourself. Well, I’m a quilter! It’s like my quiet time to not think, just go and be creative. It’s a difficult task sometimes.

I can’t tell you how badly I’ve cut the tip of my finger off, accidentally of course, and many other trips to the ER! Most recent quilting accident was just 2 short months ago. I was having surgery the next day, and was stressed and needed some time to get out of my own head.  Well, of course, it ended with a trip to the ER…

Here’s one of my creations.



So is quilting therapy?

For me, it is! I love to quilt, it’s a  great distraction for me I get lost in my quilting for hours sometimes. It’s a great escape from my own crazy thoughts.

So do you have a hobby that you use to escape the real world?


2 thoughts on “Quilting: Is It Therapy

  1. Quilting too! But, sometimes I really shouldn’t be near a rotary cutter when stressed so just stick to the sewing part. I’ve also am a jig saw puzzle enthusiast. I have found that concentrating on putting the pieces together can be a good distraction from stress. And, so easy since you can download puzzles free!


  2. Quilting is the same as calligraphy for me. Whenever I would feel down or what, I would write down whatever that I could think of. The color seems to soothe me whenever I see the letters play around.


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