Feeling Defeated…

So it’s been bad news after bad news the past 2 days….

I’m hoping I’ve just figured it out but until I hear back, I’m just kinda stuck wondering what’s gonna happen. I hate uncertainty! It brings about all kinds of chaos in my head. Anxiety is in full swing right now…

Hoping and wishing on a star that things will change soon, but until then I’ll sit and worry….Knowing full good and well that it won’t change anything, but this news stuff is a serious game changer here. 

I am left feeling defeated and inadequate. This blows in more ways than one. I am left stuck in a hard spot and am unsure which direction to go. Until things change, I am stuck at home. Which sucks all by itsself, because it’s not like I’m not here enough already as it is.

I know that this is temporary, but why me? 

I thought things were going smoothly for once, and out of left field here this comes. I am beyond stressed so I’ll  leave you with one question…

What’s your one go to stress reliever? 



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