Christmas Eve 2017

Here we are, its the day before Christmas and I couldnt be more excited. I know I wont get any sleep tonight, but tomorrow morning will be worth it. I cant wait to see their faces! 

I think as the kids get older, and their gifts get more expensive for us. I think we are going to transition away from actual gifts. I want them to have more life experiences. Small vacations and trips so they can see new things, or visiting and helping those less fortunate.  We will be buying them 4 gifts and thats it. They each will get these gifts: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. And all the money we dont spend on gifts will go towards our adventure. 

It just seems like they only play with certain toys, and I say my house is filled with too many toys. Its not that they have too many, but our living situation doesnt give us enough space. Sometimes I feel like my house is a toy store.  We already do out with the old and in with the new. But the 4yo wants toys that arent small per say.

On to other news, I feel so much better. I feel like a normal person should. I think anyways….The side effects from the other meds are starting to go away.  Im truly grateful for that! The new meds are still leaving me a lil bit foggy-headed. Overall, I feel more normal now than I have in a good, long while though.  My mood swings have definitely leveled out. Things seem to be falling into place perfectly. 

Well, with that…..Im outta here.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Holiday Fun

Today has been awesome! We had Christmas at my moms today, it was a very wonderful day. The boys are playing peacefully, which is a country miracle. They having a wonderful time with their new toys. This next week is full of holiday fun. 

In other news, I am a little uncertain what to do at my next drs appointment on Thursday. I feel like the side effects are becoming too bad, but Im afraid to change my medicine around this time of year. January and February are harder than normal for me. And I dont need a med change added into the mix. 

And its almost January, my birthday is coming! On top of all the other issues I have with January….

Im still not letting it get to me, or so I keep telling myself….

Besides, its almost Christmas! Im waiting patiently. Or maybe I’m not… I can’t wait to see their faces. The youngest saw Santa today, up close and personal. We happened to run into a Saint named Nicholas, who was the greatest Santa Claus ever. He made my little boy feel so special!

Have you seen Santa this year?