My Top Eight Guilty Pleasures

So I had a good day yesterday. Wanted to do something different today. So here goes, my top eight guilty Pleasures! These things often give a tiny twinge of guilt on those rare occurences I have time to accomplish them.

1.) Getting Enough Sleep- Sleeping is hard to come by often in my world. I sometimes go days without sleep, other times I sleep almost all day. I miss it, but I just don’t worry over it anymore. I do get sleep, in short spurts. Hour here or there! Sleeping medicines help, but make me feel terrible the next day. Exercise has made me tired, but not until like 5 or 6am. So sleeping in is a huge blessing for me.

2.) Chocolate- Chocolate is number two, simply because what girl wants to live her life chocolate free! I absolutely love chocolate! I have had a bag of caramel Hershey Kisses hidden from the fiance and kids for a month now. It’s shows its affection in return by slightly fluctuating my weight.

3.) Showering in Peace-  This is guilty pleasure #3 for the simple fact that I am a stay at home mom who feels like her kids are in tow at every second of every day. This is usually comes around 3am, after I’ve just gotten home from the gym. I love the peacefulness of listening to the water fall to the bottom of the tub while showering.

4.) Eating Hot Meals- I am one of those mom’s who cooks the same meal for everyone…if the kids don’t like it, they can have a snack after 2 hrs. One of the hardest things is to get a  hot meal. So let’s say I am cooking chicken strips on the Foreman grill. I will nitpick while cooking for everyone, guilty as charged. It’s about the only way I get hot food! This happens on the regular….

5.) Drinking My Coffee in Peace-  By the time morning comes, all I want is a steaming hot cup of joe and to not have 2 kid screaming in my ear. I usually get this twice a week, on the fiance days off. This is both a curse and a blessing. It gives me time to wake up, but the kids a rip roaring and ready to go by the time I am getting good and awake.

6.) Listening to Country Music- Something about listening to country music just hits home with me, like the music speaks to me. Old country, new country; it doesn’t matter to me!  I love it all! Randy Travis and Luke Bryan are two of my favorites. Music has helped me through some of the most difficult times throughout my life. Country music is my go to music when depressed or stressed.

7.) Watching Netflix sans Kids- I love to watch documentaries and educaitonal, nature based shows. Things like Life, Cosmos, and Animal Kingdom. I love to learn new things, even if it is just tidbits of random information. Like did you know that there is a river dolphin in the Amazon Rainforest? It’s called a Boto!

8.)  Reading a Good Book– I love to read a good book! I used to read paperbacks, I do still collect books. But I usually read books on my Kindle Fire. I can rotally get lost in a good book, like read all night long and only feel like it’s been 10 minutes. I see the written text visually in my head. Kinda like watching a movie except I’m reading a book and seeing the details from the book in my mind.

So there are my guilty pleasures, what are yours?