Finding Happiness

So as I sit here depressed, I’m unable to keep myself busy enough to not dwell on all the drama. So here’s an article on ways to find and be incredibly happy! These are some great tips to focus on when feeling down.

I miss smiling! I miss being happy more than I am stressed. So as I sit here brainstorming to find a solution, I am having a hard time coping. Happiness is something that you make for yourself, yet it’s something I can’t do when I feel like this. 

My kids are what keep me going, not matter what I have to be strong for them. I have to find a solution, but being stuck at home all summer is going to make for a long summer. I can’t get out due to unforseen circumstances.  I am feeling even more defeated than I did the other day.

What is up? I can’t explain, but I know one thing’s for sure. I am not feeling  happy! I am losing interests in things that used to make me incredibly happy. I hope I can get out of this funk soon. It’s not a good feeling! I just can’t seem to find my happiness recently…

My depression is running me ragged at this moment, and my mania is crazy too. I’ve spent money I  shouldn’t have, which sucks but we will manage. We always do! So I am going to stop here, hoping to be back to normal soon. I have a Dr’s appointment in a couple of days. So hope she can help! I hope I can keep my head above water til then. 

Hope you have a spectacular day!