In a Black Hole

Not feeling well today, slept for 12+ hours. Want to go back to bed! But I must adult today. As badly as I don’t want to, I think I am going to go for a short run. Try to get my head right, the fiance is leaving for work in a few hours. So I’ve got til then to start feeling more like a human! 

I hate how I never know what, when or how this crap happens and creeps in to land at my feet….. it’s like, hahahahaha I got you! You aren’t allowed to feel normal for too long. I have to put you in your place, so here be depressed today! 

I hate not being able to function, I’ve been up for 3 hrs now and still haven’t had the energy to shower or get dressed. All I want is to cuddle up under all my heavy quilts and just be cozy, comfortable and go back to sleep. 

 There are so many different things I should be doing. Washing dishes, doing laundry, mopping the floors. But yall know what, its doubtful it’ll get done today. And yall know what eelse, that’s OK! Because luckily I did all those things yesterday….Yeah, while I felt normal! 

So here goes nothing….

Off to run! Then shower.