Do You Keep a Diary or Journal?

I had someone mention keeping a journal yesterday, so I figured I’d ask here and see who keeps a journal! So, do you keep a journal? Why? Does it help you release emotions? Keep track of your emotions? Do you feel better after writing in your journal? How do you utilize your journal? Do you share your journal with others? Do you just write or do you use prompts?

I have tried numerous times to keep a journal, and I fail epically every time! I do good the first week or so, then I either start losing interest or lose the book I have been using. I just don’t know how to write/express my emotions into a journal. Yet, here I sit writing on a blog…..Imagine that! The thoughts are so random, they rarely make sense. This discourages me because I can’t actually understand or remember what was going on that day.

Eventually, I get frustrated with myself and just say that it is not worth it.

I need a place to verbalize/write my emotions without it becoming a hassle. I have tried writing my journal on the computer, my phone, in a book!!  For one reason or another, it never works out.

So help me understand the reasons behind why you journal!

I’d greatly appreciate any and all feedback.