Adventures While Vacationing

So today has totally been a serious adventure, our car decided to quit running. Been sitting at the car service center all day, 40 miles away from our hotel. Finally got a rental! Now resting comfortably…

So today is a firm reminder for me that everyday is an adventure! Today could’ve been one of those days where everything that could go wrong, did…..I could’ve sworn today would have ended badly as quick as it went downhill. Luckily we were great planners, and had the ability to have our car repaired. Should be done Thursday, have the rental for up to a week. 

So as bad as I wanted to let this ruin my week. I kept a positive outlook, all things considered this was very difficult, and everything ended well. Yesterday, after our arrival, we enjoyed  a very warm pool at the hotel. And I believe tomorrow is going to be great! We are taking an adventure to a national forest where there’s a natural spring, the water there is a constant 72 degrees. Snorkeling and swimming is on the agenda.  

We totally had a long ride down, luckily the kids slept most of the way. The adults were up for like 40 hours straight. That has seriously affected my mental health these past few days. Sleep will not be a problem for me tonight, no sleeping medicine will be required. I am so happy! Even though today did not go as planned, we made the best of it. To be honest, I am just happy to be running around outside in shorts, and being able to go swimming outside is fun too. 

There were times where the fear of the unknown caused me o want to cancel this vacation, now I am not saying I didn’t want to come. I totally did! But I just hate the feeling and fear of the unkown. Just look what happened today, the unexpected is likely not to occur but obviously can. If you put all of your eggs in one basket, like I have previously done, this could’ve been disastrous!  

Has anyone had anything similar happen while on vacation? 

I’d love to hear your story.