A-Z about Me

So today has been extremely busy for me, and tomorrow looks to be much of the same. I just wanted to post a fun post. So here are a few quick, quirky, and fun facts about me.


A- I can be annoying at times.
B- I am a basic person. All I need is the basics and I’m good.
C- I am crazy.
D- I am defiant at times.
E- I am eccentric 99% of the time.
F- I am a best friend to few but friends with all.
G- I am guarded to most everyone.
H- I am a honest person, sometimes too honest.
I- I am interested in new things.
J- I am just.
K- I am kind, until you do me wrong or mess with my kids.
L- I am very lenient with my kids.
M- I am a muncher, I chew things excessively.
N- I am not narrow-minded.
O- I love Obsidian!
P- I am a parent & a partner.
Q- I am quiet around new people.
R- I am rambunctious.
S- I am strange, I can’t stand to have my food touching on a plate.
T- I am trustworthy.
U- I am understanding.
V- I am veracious.
W- I am weird.
X- I love the sound of a xylophone.
Z- I love the smell of a Zippo lighter.

So that is all I have for you today! But in closing, I would like to let you know that I will be doing a  5 day series on Anger Management. That series will be starting next Monday, 8/15.